Online Group Classes

$150 per month

(New Students - there is a $25 registration fee added to your first month)


The Self Tape Series continues in June via Zoom on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Every month will introduce new dates/times, new scripts, and new booked self tapes to view!


For June Choose ONE of the following sessions:

Tuesdays:             June  2,  9, 16 & 23    11:00 am

Wednesdays:       June  3, 10, 17 & 24    11:00 am

Saturdays:          June 6, 13, 20 & 27     11:00 am

🌟Week 1: The Casting Perspective

Students will turn in the same self tape. All tapes will be viewed from the casting perspective and the class will be able to see the final product on TV/Film and/or the self tape that booked the audition.

🌟Week 2: Bringing Your Script To Life

How can we use the writing to help us determine the WHO/WHAT/WHERE, our angles, eyelines, beats, etc. Learn how to tackle difficult and tricky moments. Students will be assigned their next self tape sides.

🌟Week 3: Playback

Students will view each other’s tapes and also be able to watch the self tape that booked the audition and, in some cases, the final product on TV/Film

🌟Week 4: Repetition

Using the tools and insight gained from the past weeks, everyone will have an opportunity to re-create one of their self tapes.


This class will run for minimum 90 minutes ( or longer depending on Q&A which will be reserved for the end so students may exit the session as they wish). Class limited to 12 students. Cost is $150 per month for CCS Existing Students-New Students will have a $25 registration fee added to their invoice for the first month only. While there will be 2-3 opportunities each month to hand in a self tape, no student will be required to turn in work and is always welcome to observe and participate in Q&A.



Weekend Intensives

Returning September 2020

Private Sessions/Self Tapes



Private Sessions - 60 minutes with scripts and curriculum provided by the instructor.

New Students - $90
Returning Students - $75

Students Currently Enrolled-$60


Coaching sessions - 60 minutes with students providing the material they’d like to work on.

New Students - $75
Returning Students - $60 Students

Currently Enrolled-$50


Self Tapes - 30 minute sessions with 20 minutes used for taping and 10 minutes used for playback, uploading, editing, labeling, etc. The actor treats the session like an audition where they have arrived, prepped and ready to do 2-4 takes and a slate.

New Students - $40
Returning Students - $30

Students Currently Enrolled-$20

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