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Tracey Allyn


Since working with Katie I have had numerous auditions, callbacks, and bookings for big films and television shows. During the time I worked with Katie she helped my comfort level for working with Casting Directors, Directors and Agents. She is hands on and even helps in directing your career. She is a must for any serious actor.

Vickie Warehime

Feed the Beast, The Wire

There’s a clear difference between the craft of acting and the craft of auditioning. Capital Coaching makes sure you’re prepared for both and FINALLY it all makes sense. To top it off, it’s just a warm, friendly environment while still pushing you to do your best work.

Nayab Hussain

Blindspot; Law and Order:SVU

I can't say enough about Katie and Capital Coaching.  I'm so glad to have come across them by a happy accident on Facebook.  From my first conversation with Katie, I knew her style of teaching would help propel my career to the next level.  Since studying with her, I've had multiple callbacks and booked a role in a short film and a tv show. The skills and confidence she gives her students is just what actors need.  I've studied with many acting coaches in my career and Capital Coaching is among my top favorites. Thank you Katie for all you do for us actors to help bring out the best in us!

Joe Hansard

The Knick, Veep, The Wire, Mysteries of Laura

“Katie’s expertise on both sides of the camera make her THE go-to Acting Coach with real life results. Her classes offer fresh perspectives and eye-opening insight for Actors in a friendly, fun, joyous space!”

Paul James

Soundtrack, Greek, The Path

“Katie knows what she’s talking about…as someone who grew up in Montgomery County and now acts professionally in LA and NYC, I wish I had a resource like her when I first became interested in acting.”

Robyn Coffin

Chicago Fire

“Katie is the reason I started to understand how to navigate commercial auditions -from improvising to different ways to look at a script and be creative. She helps you figure out who you are in the room as an actor and as a person. She shows you how to let your personality shine which is key when you’re in those stressful, awkward situations that are auditions. She’s patient, honest, caring and sees what people’s strengths are immediately.”

Jonathan Sadowski

Young and Hungry, Bleep My Dad Says

“Katie has a knack for relating to material…she will help you find gold in what may seem like a tedious script. She possesses inherent comedic timing and her instincts in regard to drama are spot on.”

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